Kaksi hahmoa, joista toinen tötterohatussa ja toinen avaruusolio.

Virtual workshop

Virtual Workshop


The Children’s Museum Festival at WeeGee was held virtually in the spring 2021. The theme of the event was Space Odyssey 2021. With this video you can peek into the Finnish Toy Museum Hevosenkenkä and move along with the fun space odyssey tale.


Create some space around you and pay attention. Töt from the Cone Planet will instruct you on the movements connected to the space words. After that, Töt will tell a tale, and whenever you hear a word you recognise from the instructions, do the movement that goes with it. Captain Futuro and a picture on the screen will help you remember.

The video is subtitled in Finnish, Swedish and English. To select subtitles, please click the settings button in the player’s toolbar.

Filming: Ari Karttunen and Paula Virta/ EMMA – Espoo museum of modern art

All the workshop videos of the Children’s Museum Festival can be observed on the homepage of the event.

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