Sat 31.8. Childrens Bikefest at 11-15


Sat 31.8. Childrens Bikefest at 11-15

There are lots of fun bike-related  activities at the Toy Museum and outside of WeeGee garden during the Espoo day from workshops and tours to a treasure hunt. On Saturday 31.8. we celebrate Espoo Day with free entry to the Toy Museum Hevosenkenkä all day.


The Toy Museum Hevosenkenkä celebrates Espoo Day by arranging a Children’s Bikefest at the WeeGee-house yard. At the Bikefest you can drive trials, visit the helmet clinic, test your helmet safety, rehearse traffic rules, inspect your bike, fill in your cyclist card and do bike orienteering.

Events outside WeeGee at 11-15

Rules Quiz

At the Finnish Road Safety Council stand you can get your own cyclist card and receive advice and instruction about cyclist road safety. In the rules quiz you can test how well you remember cycling-related traffic rules.

Mini-Helmet Stand

At the Road Safety Council Mini-Helmet Stand we get to see why the helmet is so important when cycling. At the funny and educational demonstration you will learn why even chicken eggs should wear their helmets when cycling.

Helmet Clinic

The Children’s Traffic Town instructs in the right way to wear a bike helmet. In the Helmet Clinic you will learn the right way of donning your helmet.

Bike Inspection

Yelpy’s mobile bike repair gives advice in questions relating to bike maintenance, and inspects bikes. The bike inspection tells you your bike’s real condition.

Bike Trials

At the Toy Museum Bike Trials track we train bike skills like precision, zigzag and braking. At the Trials track you will get to try out your bike skills.

Events at the Toy Museum at 11-17 (WeeGee upper floor)

Bike Orienteering at 11-17

In the Bike Orienteering you will get to look for bikes in the Toy Museum exhibition and take part in a lottery.