Vehicle Play – special exhibition

Vehicle Play – Special Exhibition

26.3.2019 – 7.3.2021


Set out on a journey led by the pilot, the sea captain or the train driver! In the special exhibition Vehicle Play we take a look at travels and traveling, vehicles and traffic safety, from the viewpoint of the child and through play. We display traffic-related tools of play and playful vehicles. Together with the child we ponder on the history of travel and on traffic responsibilities, playfully and insightfully.  In the activity based and memorable exhibition you will get to step inside the world of traffic, hop on different vehicles and test your knowledge on traffic regulations. The museum has worked with both traffic-related special museums as well as theatre professionals in the planning of the exhibition. The exhibition activities programme includes traffic education themed museum theatre, drama tours, events and workshops. Forward march!

You can read the exhibition panels in English and in Russian with your own mobile phone here:

Now we set out!

Stay alert in traffic!

All aboard on train!

Ship ahoy!

Drive carefully!

Fly away!


Нам любые дороги дороги

Три цвета есть у светофора

Голубой вагон бежит качается

Капитан, капитан улыбнитесь

Мы едем, едем, едем в далекие края

Первым делом, первым делом самолеты