A Housewarming – Special Exhibition until 3.3.2019

A housewarming – playhomes and home play

Special exhibition 23.3.2017 – 3.3.2019

Come in , make yourself at home!

A housewarming – playhomes and home play, the Finnish Toy Museum Hevosenkenkä’s new special exhibition is a hands-on opportunity for visitors to discover many different types of homes – and to meet their residents as they go about their everyday lives. At a section curated by staff from the Helinä Rautavaara Museum, we even leave Finland far behind to journey right across to the other side of the world. The exhibition also invites museum-goers to consider what life is like for migrant children, forced through circumstance to leave their own homes behind. Visitors to the exhibition will have truly unique opportunities to engage through play in our play homes, set in both urban and rural environments, as they look for animal dens, make home improvements, create their own TV programmes and even do the washing.

This exhibition is created with our youngest visitors in mind and offers unique museum theatre experiences for babies and toddlers.